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I am 37 years old and was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease almost five years ago. I am a single mom with two small children. I was told by doctors that I would probably be “legally blind” within one to two years. I still am not “legally blind” and am able to drive. I battle the growing blind spots.

I have been to several specialists and have done as much research as I can to find out everything possible about Stargardt’s. From medical treatments to alternatives including micro current stimulation, homeopathy, nutritional, etc. I have tried everything I can get my hands on.

The most successful treatment I have found is called Micro Acupuncture. There are not many practitioners in the United States, but I have had the good fortune to work with two of them. The first was Andy Rosenfarb in Westfield, NJ. The second was Gail Brent in San Diego, CA.

The first time I did Micro Acupuncture, I did 20 treatments in two weeks. It was a lot at once but I did see some reversal of my blind spots and my vision was a lot clearer. I then went for spurts of treatments. I am sure that it stopped the degeneration when I was actively getting treatments.

I then moved out to California and saw Gail Brent several times over a month. Again, I saw my blind spots grow smaller and my vision become clearer.

Micro Acupuncture uses needles in your feet, hands, and across your forehead. Gail Brent also added her healing to each treatment with a more personal touch knowing that the mind and body work together to heal. Different approaches but all good.

Beth Madsen-Wolsten
Sacramento, California

Thank you for helping me to improve my eyesight. The 10 treatments were very successful and after failing the vision test at the DMV in San Diego twice, I was told at my last examination that my eyesight improved considerably from 20/70 to 20/40. Therefore, I passed the test.

I am also able to read any regular print whereas before I could read only large print. I intend to take at least another five treatments because the acupuncture treatments have been very beneficial for me. My sincere gratitude to you.

Charles Tannen, Ph.D.
San Diego, California

My experience at the San Diego Micro Acupuncture Clinic was very effective!

After six treatments (while my son and I were stopped at an intersection), I was able to see the red and green lights from a far distance, which I was not able to do earlier!

After returning home, I was able to see the pattern in my carpet and was able to see and discern other items in my home. I was also able to see my minister even though I was sitting in the back of the church.

Helen Klement
Greendale, WI

In 1991, I discovered that I had a retinal tear (lacquer crack) of my right retina. The crack went through the middle of my macula, which is what allows you to see the definition in your vision. I saw a retinal specialist who said that there was not anything that could be done other then laser surgery to stop the bleeding. However, he noted that would not give me my vision back but instead, would leave black spots where the laser was done. He recommended I get a second opinion since he had such awful news for me.

At this point, I could only see finger counts from 4 feet away – and that was with scanning. I went to San Francisco and saw another specialist with the same verdict from him. I went back to my first doctor in Sacramento and ended up having a lot of laser surgery because the crack would move and then the abnormal blood vessels that had been fixed would break again.

I eventually had an invasive retinal repair to remove the blood vessel since it continued to bleed about every two months. Both specialists I saw said not to worry about it happening again as it was an incredibly rare disease and would not happen in the other eye. I went home to get on with my life.

I was not quite 40 years old at that time. Two years later, the same thing happened to my other eye. I did not have any surgeries on the left eye. The outcome of both eyes was similar to an advanced case of macular degeneration. I was declared legally blind and started learning Braille and listening to books on tape from the Library of Congress.

I was young enough that everyone who knew me seemed to have a “cure” – from vitamin supplements to charcoal compresses! In 1995, my cousin sent me an article about Micro Acupuncture and macular degeneration. I had tried many different things that had not worked but decided to try one more. This was a hard decision to make since I am a nurse and my husband is a radiologist.

I went to Dr. Otte in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for my first series of treatments. I was so skeptical that I did a visual field scan with my ophthalmologist in case it was all a hoax. I was determined not to be part of a hoax. On Monday and Tuesday, I had three treatments each day. I knew by Tuesday afternoon that my vision was improved.

When I had called the office originally, they said they had not treated anyone with my diagnosis but that they were getting 98% improvement for macular degeneration. I had another scan on Wednesday and there was a marked improvement. I stayed that week for three treatments daily and when I went home, I was able to get my drivers license again and resume many of my previous activities.

I eventually transferred my treatments to Gail Brent’s office in April 2003, and have continued to be treated at her office 2-3 times a year. It is easier to get to San Diego from northern California than to Arkansas.

I have continued to get gradual improvement in my vision. I once went a year without treatments and definitely had a regression in my visual acuity. I find that acupuncture is a treatment but not a cure for me. It has improved my quality of life immeasurably. From keeping my drivers license to being able to watch my two children grow up. Not seeing their expressive faces was the worst along with the loss of my independence. I continue to have 2-3 weeklong treatments every year to maintain my renewed vision.

Julie Wade
Yreka, California

This testimony is from the heart. I had severe vision loss overnight due to macular degeneration. The acupuncture treatments that I have received from Gail Brent, L.Ac., have been a blessing.

I woke up on January 30, 2004, and could not see my face in the mirror, nor see the time, nor see the numbers or settings on the kitchen appliances, nor make a phone call, nor read my Bible. I could hardly see many other things.

The acupuncture treatments have been a very big help in every category ranging from seeing pretty well to being able to make things out. I can even see TV well from 2 feet away. With more treatments, I will see even better. To see is everything.

Diane Coombs
Sun City, California