Acupuncture and Other Services


shutterstock_12640795Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, sterile needles (used one time only) at certain areas on the body called acupoints. It works by directing the body’s basic energy, or life force, referred to as Qi (chi). This energy circulates throughout the body in a specific pattern through channels called meridians. The Qi brings energy and nourishment to the entire body, cells, tissues, and organs.

When there is a balanced flow of Qi in the body, you experience good physical, mental and emotional health. Any misdirection, obstruction or imbalance to the flow of Qi will affect the function and proper nourishment to the body, creating pain, dysfunction, and disease.

By rebalancing the flow of Qi, the body can be restored to a normal balance so the organs and bodily systems can work together. This sets the stage for the body to repair and heal itself and maintain its own health.